Annual Membership Meeting

Annual Membership Meeting

Successful 67th Annual Meeting

A big thank you to all the member-owners who attended the 67th Annual Meeting.   We had a great turn out and gave away a lot of great prizes.  We really enjoyed sharing the details of the credit union’s record-breaking success in 2018!

We would also like to thank all of our board members for all they do to support Quaker Oats Credit Union.

  • Justin Jones
  • Ken Owens
  • Gay Strunk
  • Dick Hanson
  • Joe Conner
  • Mike Henry
  • JoAnn Elliott
  • Brad Dvorak

We would like to congratulate Ken Owens, JoAnn Elliott, and Joe Conner on their re-election to the board of directors.  We would also like to welcome Ron Dearborn and Harmony Gerhardt who were recently appointed to the board in March of 2019.

We want to say thank you and goodbye to Board President John Opperman who retired from the board after many years of dedicated service.  We want to extend a warm welcome our new Board of Directors President JoAnn Elliott.

2018 was a successful & progressive year for YOUR credit union, thanks to the dedication of the board, the staff, as well as the continued commitment of our members. We look forward to what 2019 has in store for Quaker Oats Credit Union.

Please click the following link to review the official 67th Annual Meeting Minutes.


Quaker Oats Credit Union Staff