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Annual Membership Meeting

70th Annual Meeting Minutes 

March 19th, 2022 

The 70th Annual Meeting was held at the Best Western Longbranch Convention Center on Twixt Town road. 

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Ken Owens at 10:02 AM.

Brad Dvorak noted that there was a quorum present.  34 members were in attendance.

The minutes for the 69th Annual Meeting were handed out to all members and reviewed.  Motion to approve by Gay Strunk and seconded by Stacy Elliott.  Motion carried.

Chairperson Ken Owens welcomed everyone in attendance and introduced the Board and Staff:

                Board:   Ken Owens                           Chairperson

                                JoAnn Elliott                          President

                                Joe Conner                            Vice Chairperson

                                Brad Dvorak                          Secretary

                                Mike Henry                           Credit Committee

                                Justin Jones                           Audit Committee

                                Ron Dearborn                       Audit Committee

                                Bridget Anderson

                Staff:     Heather Lemke                    CEO

                                Shelby Folken                      Operations Manager

                                Nicole Fowler                       Member Service

There was no Old Business.

Ken Owens thanked the Staff for all of their hard work regarding the upcoming system upgrade.  Ken also told all of those in attendance that if they are interested in serving on the board to let a member of the staff know of the interest. 

Heather thanked the Board of Directors for the volunteer work they do to help out.  She gave a brief history of how QOCU was started 70 years ago.  She then talked about the upcoming Core Conversion project and about some of the features that will be updated.

Gabe & Sarah from Securian Financial spoke on how markets historically recover from times of crisis.  They also did a brief trivia game with prizes.  

Four board members were up for re-election:  Ken Owens, Joe Conner, JoAnn Elliott, and Bridget Anderson. 

A motion from Gay Strunk was put forward to elect the nominees by acclamation.  Seconded by Russ Beck.  The motion passed unanimously. 

Door Prize Winners were drawn:

                Stella Dvorak – $25                                              Barry Anderson – $50

                Mary Horton – $25                                              Wilma Anderson – $50

                Shar Jones – $25                                                   Noah Anderson – $50

                Maurice Anderson – $25                                    Nancy Gruwell – Nelson Meat Market Gift Card

                Preston Folken – Wagon                                    McKenna Lemke – Ring Camera

Motion to adjourn by Gary Gruwell and seconded by Berlinda Owens.  Motion Carried.  Adjourned at 10:40 AM. 

The meeting was followed by a Brunch Buffet consisting of fresh fruit, muffins, salad, eggs, sausage, hash brown, chicken, and roast beef. 


Brad Dvorak