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Online Banking

Enhanced Security

QOCU’s Online Banking  site offers the most up-to-date security features, also known as “Multi-Factor Authentication.”  You’ll not only establish several layers of security at your first login, but you’ll also create a “Security Key” to ensure you’re logging-in to the correct site.  If you have any trouble, please contact us.

Great features!

QOCU’s Online Banking has a whole slew of cool features to take advantage of.  Here are just a few:

  1. Scheduled Transfers: Allows members to make transfers between QOCU accounts. You choose the date, dollar amount and frequency. It’s a great worry free way to make loan payments.
  2. Just Ask Section: Have a question about Online Banking or Bill Pay services?  Just ask!  Type in your question and you’ll get a quick, reliable answer.
  3. One Step Login: You login to QOA and are automatically logged into your bill pay account.
  4. Enhanced Security Settings: You have a random code you have to enter and a security key to help protect your personal information.
  5. Tax Information: You can find your last year and present year tax information including interest paid and interest earned.
  6. Account Alerts: You can set up an alert to pop up letting you know when a check has cleared or a CD is maturing plus many more alert types.
  7. Calendar: Allows you to search viewable transactions for specific dates in calendar view.
  8. Financial Management Tool: Allows you to view your assets and liabilities with the credit union and it can be used as a budgeting tool. All of these are found in the online banking drop down menus.
  9. Stop Pays: You can place a stop payment on a personal check.
  10. Sign up for E-statements: You can sign up to have statements emailed to you instead of receiving them in the mail.


Contact the credit union to sign up for Online Banking today!