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Direct Deposit / Auto Pay

Direct Deposit:

Automatically deposit payroll and government checks directly into your Quaker Oats Credit Union savings or checking account each pay period and we will distribute your paycheck according to your specifications. You may choose to distribute to several accounts such as Christmas Club and Money Market, etc.

Contact your payroll department (payroll checks) or the Social Security Administration (government checks) to set up direct deposit.  QOCU’s routing number is 273973168.


  • Your paycheck goes directly into your account.
  • Save time – no need to make extra trips to deposit your check.
  • Your paycheck is automatically disbursed – no longer need to make several deposits to different accounts.
  • Security of knowing its safe in your account.
  • Immediate availability through an ATM.
  • You will still receive a pay stub to show the amount of your check.

Automatic Payment:

With automatic payment, your loan payments are automatically transferred from your checking or savings account on the payment due date.  Automatic payment eliminates the need to write checks or mail payments.  Sign up for automatic payment and you’ll save time and money!

Contact us to set up an automatic payment.